Misai Kuching Tea

The Positive Living Community Farm has been cultivating the Misai Kucing Tea and processing it for the last 15 years. We have been selling the tea to a group of regular buyers who appreciate the quality of our tea. This is because :

  • Our tea is 100% organically farmed using the  EM (effective microorganism) technology.
  • Our tea is air dried which enables the tea to maximize the retention of the various trace elements in the tea, ensure the best aroma and colour and most all ensures a smooth and tasty tea.
  • Our packaging consists of 100% pure leaves which are completely visible through  the zip lock bags.

On the 23rd  October 2016 we launched our new packaging which matches the quality of our tea and opens up a great potential for its effective marketing. This was made possible by Dr. Rajiv Bhanot who sought the assistance of the Taylors University Marketing Dept. Which generously came up with this attractive packaging design. With the increase in demand, the home now has to find ways and means to expand the cultivation and processing facilities it's cultivated and produced by our residents.

Misai Kucing is used to combat several ailments:

i) Kidney stones.

It is very useful for flushing the kidneys and urinary tract. It also relieves spasms of the smooth muscle in the walls of the internal organs, making it valuable for gallbladder problems.

ii) Urinary tract infections.

Misai Kucing has the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.Thus, drinking Misai Kucing tea is able to treat urinary tract infections.

iii) Rheumatism and gout.

Rheumatism and gout are the bane of many elderly in this modern age due to increased meat/protein consumption and a sedentary life. These conditions involve a build-up of acid and metabolic wastes within the muscles and joints. This leads to reduced circulation around joint which results in painful swelling in addition, in time may lead to joint destruction. By consuming Misai Kucing, it is able to help to remove the metabolic waster from our body and thus relieving rheumatism.

iv) Circulatory disorders.

Misai Kucing is the remedy for blood vessels and circulatory problems.

v) Diabetes.

Misai Kucing is able to help to stabilize a diabetic’s sugar level.

vi) High blood pressure.

Misai Kucing inhibits blood platelet from sticking together. It is also used to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. A study by Fukuyama University in Japan showed that extracts of Misai Kucing given to lab rat can lower blood pressure. It also has active substance that can reduce and prevent diseases and disorders. Misai Kucing has powerful hemolytics. When injected into the blood stream, it is able to dissolve red blood cells at even extreme dilutions.

Vii) Inflamation.

Misai Kucing has anti inflammatory and anti alergic properties that can help to reduce swelling. Research showed that it has anti-inflammatory agents that are not steroids. It is also believed to enhance the functioning of the immune system and reproductive system. Besides that, Misai Kucing is also rich in antioxidant that is important to protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Photo Credits: Grace Baey & Jon Navaratnam

Vermicompost Production

Yet another promising environment friendly income generation project by residents of Positive Living Community.

Vermicompost is a process whereby earthworms (of various species) are reared in containers/ bins, and fed with a variety of organic materials that are usually thrown as wastes. These include, animal dungs, vegetable left overs, grass clippings, fallen leaves etc. Which forms the habitat in which the worms are introduced. The worms than feed on these materials and produce a granular waste which is separated and stored as an organic fertilizer known as ‘vermicompost’. It is very rich in micro organisms that are vital for organic farming.

Vermicomposting is a very viable and appropriate activity for the residents of Positive Living Community (PLC)  to engage in for the following reasons:

  • It is in line with our philosophy and core value of being environment friendly in all the aspects of the home and the life of the residents  at PLC. Our other environment friendly activities include, ‘open range’ poultry, goat and geese rearing and the rearing of Talipia fish for all of which no chemical based substances are used to treat them or used as supplement to boost their growth.  Our other major farming activity is the growing and processing of ‘Misai Kucing Tea’. 
  • Cow dung and goats dung is the main ingredient to house the worms. However, the cow dung must be from the droppings of cows that are allowed to go for grazing and not fed with manufactured fodder in enclosures.  Batu Arang is one of the few remaining semi urban areas that still has a number of such farms. As for the goats dung, our own goats produce a large amount of goats dung which is immedeatly available to us.

  • Decaying vegetables and cardboard chips are another useful ingredients that makes up the worms feed. Here again, we are at an advantage because, we now have 3 sources from  where we get a weekly contribution of vegetables and fruits. They often have to be sorted out to separate what is still good for consumption or storage and what is not. We therefore get a regular source of vegetable and other organic matters including the cardboard boxes they come in, to use as feed for the worms.
  • Many of our residents are living with partial permanent disabilities due to their past involvement with drug addiction or due to the effects of HIV & Aids. Due to their handicap and often due to their rejection by their families, they are unable to leave the center and try living it out on their own in complete freedom. They have therefore opted to make the center their permanent home.  However, after a 2 or 3 yr. stay at the home, they would also aspire to be able to have some fund of their own with which they can buy some things for their personal use or choice. (Except drugs or alcohol). Vermicompost production is quite labour intensive and therefore provides an avenue for ‘anyone’ including people with fairly severe disabilities to be involved in some aspect of its production. Being engaged in activities like this is also important for recovering drug or alcohol dependents.  Secondly, vermicompost fetches a good price and the residents involved are entitled to 40% of the proceeds from its sale.

  • Engaging in ‘vermicompost’ is also very advantageous to us because the worm bins need to be watered every day. When this is done, the surplus water will flow out through holes at the bottom of the bins. This outflow is known as ‘vermiwash’  which is another powerful organic  fertilizer. Therefore, some of our bins ( of appropriate size) are scattered between  our Misai Kucing, vegetable and fruit trees and therefore do not require further manuring.  We get a plentiful supply of such bins from a nearby factory which gives these 25 litre plastic tanks  for free to support the home.
  • Finally, this activity provides residents with an avenue to pick up a new skill which they can use to be self employed with very little capital requirement.

          Photo credits: Saeshananthan

Goat Rearing

Part work therapy and part income generation project, goat rearing is one of our proud projects that we have incorporated into our operations. Residents who have taken an interest in this project will benefit from the work therapy as part of their rehabilitation program. It will have them begin to function and work according to a daily schedule as well as instill a sense of responsibility. The goat rearing project also helps us to occasionally generate some income through the sale of livestock.

Photo Credits: Grace Baey

Livestock Rearing

The same can be said of our geese and turkey rearing. Although not as difficult to rear as goats, this project is equally as important in both aspects of work therapy and income generation.

Photo Credits: Grace Baey

Mug Printing

This is a new project undertaken by our organisation as a work therapy for the residents and a way to generate small income for the home. A kind donation of the mug printing machine and subsequently a t-shirt printing machine enabled us to initiate this project.

Photo Credits: Grace Baey

T-Shirt Printing

Residents at the center have taken much interest in this particular project as they see it as a new skill and also a self generating income for them as an individual. An ideal project for their work therapy. Besides just mug and t-shirt printing we also offer printing of personalized mouse pads and ceramic plates.

Photo Credits: Grace Baey

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