Our History

The home was established in 1997 by Mr. Alex Arokiam in collaboration with the Drugs & Aids Ministry of the National Office for Human Development under the directorship of Br. Anthony Rogers, fsc.


It was a time when many a homeless person afflicted with AIDS were dying in the back lanes of the city as there wasn’t a single shelter home (govt. or private) that were willing to accept persons with AIDS. Stigma, prejudice & discrimination of victims of HIV & AIDS were widespread.


Most of them were also suffering from drug addiction and in need of treatment to free themselves from their addiction before they could begin attend to their other illnesses.


This disused farmhouse in the quiet, sleepy village of Batu Arang, some 17km from Rawang, was quickly converted into a shelter to admit and care for persons with HIV & AIDS who were homeless.


Today, there are 4 shelter homes housing a total of 70+ residents.

Restructuring of the Positive Living Community Organisation

Towards the beginning of 2016, we had the privilege of a visit to the center by a team of supporters from the Rotary Club. There was Dr. Rajiv Bhanot, Ms. Deborah Henry Priya and Mr. Richard Jacob who has been involved with us and supporting us in various ways. They listened to what we were doing at the PLC and our strengths and weaknesses. At the end of our encounter with them, they asked how they can be of help.

Although we faced a lot of problems related to the lack of funds to finance our operation, I did not appeal to them for funds. I was very much aware that the root to our lack of funds was not because there was no funding  available for the kind of work we were doing but rather my lack of efficiency in handling the administrative affairs of the Positive Living Community which made us ineligible for funding. The main area of weakness being the maintaining proper accounts and having our accounts audited. This was because up till now, it has largely a one man show as I did not have among my team of helpers, anyone who could help me out with administrative aspect of the organization. However, they have been invaluable and indispensable in carrying out the various chores that were needed to keep our various services going.  I shared this with them and within a few weeks, they committed themselves to our organization and came up with a plan to restructure its administration.  

A new registration of the society under a similar sounding name with a new ex-co of capable people and representatives from the existing organization was set up. As they were people from the corporate sector, they offered to handle our accounting and have it audited by their auditors. Once our first auditing has been done, we would be more eligible for funding from various sources.

Apart from that, they also committed themselves to bring in various other resource groups that they were in touch with to help upgrade the facilities at the PLC. One of the first significant help came from the Taylors University which helped us to come up with a new packaging design to enable us to better market our tea.

Another ongoing development is the engagement of the ‘Engineers Without Borders’ of the Monash University which has undertaken several plans to upgrade some of our facilities. A creativity center has already been erected and awaiting the final stages. Work to renovate and upgrade the existing worn down store has already started. When completed, it will house a classroom, recycling workshop and a large display area for recycled items.


Alex Arokiam

15th November 2016

Our Location

Batu Arang Wet Market

We are located in BATU ARANG in the state of Selangor in West Malaysia. It is about 35 Km from Kuala Lumpur the capital city  and a 45 mins drive using the NKVE highway.  The nearest town is Rawang .

‘BATU ARANG’  means ‘coal’ because it started as a coal mining town a 100 years ago. It is the closest rural small town to the city which has remained largely green and undeveloped. The population consists of 11,000 Malay, Chinese and Indian residents.

 The town is bordered by a forest reserve and surrounded by several scenic lakes which were originally coal mine pits. There are no supermarkets or banks here, but there is a Police Station, Fire Station, Govt. Clinic, several schools, Post Office and a wet market which operates till 11.00 am every day.

The nearest bank and supermarket is located just 5 Km away.