Photo Credit: Grace Baey & PLC Archive

Drug & Alchohol Rehabilitation

We provide a painless withdrawal from drug and alcohol addiction. We learnt from the addicts in the street that many of them were weary of their addiction and wanted to quit but were deterred by the thought of going through the agonizing ‘cold turkey’ treatment which was the only treatment offered by both govt & private rehab centers at that time. The home which adopts a user friendly and humane approach offers free clinical treatment for ‘painless withdrawal’ which many a hardcore drug user especially those in advanced stages of AIDS avail themselves.

Nursing care for those afflicted with HIV / AIDS

We care for the sick and diesease afflicted. In the first 10 years of its operation, when treatment for HIV & AIDS was not available to them, more than 120 persons with AIDS were admitted for palliative care and died peacefully, in a homely environment that offered tender loving care. Where possible, families were reconciled with the patients.

The lifesaving treatment for HIV & AIDS treatment commonly known as HAART which until 8 years ago, was beyond the reach of most patients is now freely available for patients who need it. However, to be eligible to receive this treatment, patients must have a stable life & have access to care and support                                                                        (e.g. from family or a shelter home)

Homeless drug dependents with HIV & AIDS are referred to the home by medical social workers from various hospitals, drop in centers, and outreach workers from various parts of the country. Patients in need of nursing care are admitted to ‘RUMAH OASIS’. Here, they are helped to deal with their addiction and access the lifesaving HAART treatment which gives them a new lease of life.

After Care

With the kind of care patients receive at the home, most of them will improve and after some time, be no more in need of nursing care.

However, many of them will not have a home to go back to especially if they have been involved with drugs.They need continued care to recover from drug or alcohol addiction and develop new vocational & living skills.

The ‘EMBUN PAGI ORGANIC FARM’ is an attempt by a group of recovering residents to have a safe space where they can continue to live and learn until they are ready to go back to society and live as an independent and productive member of society.

Here, the residents, while working on their health and addiction problems, are also given an opportunity to pick up some work skills that could be helpful to them in their future. 

UNHCR Refugees

As of May 2014, the home received numerous requests for assistance from the UNHCR to provide temporary care and shelter for the Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing from persecution in Myanmar.

Many young people end up in the hands of human traffickers disguised as ‘agents’. Having been herded together in boats and cramped jungle camps were they were kept forcibly and beaten to entice friends or relatives in Malaysia to pay a hefty sum for their passage to Malaysia, many of them are unable to walk for some time and require good nutrition and exercise to help them recover and return to their community in Malaysia.

However due to the crackdown on these jungle camps, the Rohingya minors we used to shelter on behalf of the UNHCR, have greatly reduced. Referrals from the UNHCR nowadays are mainly for hospice care. Many of them suffer from HIV/AIDS, TB and a slew of other afflictions.

The nursing home provides them shelter, nursing care and our dedicated staff bring them for their regular visits to the hospital for their appointments and follow-ups. Many of them start to recover and become healthy enough to do menial chores around the home.

Our homes are strictly secular in nature and we celebrate all religious festivals while respecting each others' religious beliefs.


Photo Credit: Grace Baey